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By Korny at 7:39 am on Saturday, June 7, 2008

I’m still getting spam in the moderation queue. Poot. I’ve gone through and disabled more stuff, I’ll see if I can work this out somehow.

Things seem to have been somewhat down lately. We’ve had two funerals in the past month, one for Yolande’s grandmother, a fabuous gal who is sorely missed; and one for Sophie and Aaron’s daughter Jordan, also a very sad story. Phew. I don’t know if it’s just random, or if it’s the age we have gotten to, but there have been a lot of funerals in the last few years…

On the work front, I’m on a nifty Sensis R&D project - more details when it goes public. But the lack of a front-end coder on the project has forced me to cram my CSS and Javascript considerably - I’ll have to have a go at styling this blog!

Comments are back on, at least from here on, hopefully I can get spam blocked somehow, but it seems pointless to block friends but not spammers.

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