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Windows on Ubuntu USB stick

By Korny at 9:56 am on Friday, August 3, 2007

I achieved a sad geek triumph the other day - a wonderful heath robinson
arrangement that lets me run Ubuntu linux on my work machine with
minimal risk.
In brief - ubuntu boots from a 4g usb stick. /home and other bits are
stored in a folder on my (ntfs) hard disk. And I can run Windows, from
my original drive, under Vmware!
Or I can pull out my usb stick, and my system will run Windows
normally, with almost no visible changes from it’s original setup.
Needless to say, this was rather complex to get working!

(update - I tried sending this on Wednesday, but due to flickr issues it only got here today… and in the meantime, I’ve had an episode where Windows on booting decided to chkdsk my drive, and found some minor errors. I’m now a bit anxious about the above… but I’ll keep struggling on with it!)

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flickr is flakey

By Korny at 9:51 am on Friday, August 3, 2007

This entry is mainly a test - flickr uploading seemed to randomly break for me, this was the first attempt that worked. It’s also a shot of me, for anyone in the unlikely situation of reading this but not knowing what I look like.

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First post!

By Korny at 9:16 am on Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi folks! Welcome to my feeble attempt to keep a blog alive. It’s pretty guaranteed that I’ll be posting fairly rarely - mostly, to let those who seem to have given up on mailing lists know that I’m still alive…

Posting will be faciliated somewhat by my latest gadget - a Nokia N95, quite a nice phone, apart from an atrocious battery life, but it makes photo-blogging amazingly easy. The process is:

  • I take a photo with the phone’s camera - it has 5 megapixels in theory; although nowhere near the quality of a real 5 megapixel camera, it is plenty for displaying on a web page.
  • I select “send by e-mail” and send to a flickr e-mail address
  • Next time I connect to my 3 mail, the photo is sent for free - no nasty bandwidth charges!
  • Flickr grabs the mail, loads the photo, and sends a blog post like this one to my blog!

Of course to make a proper message like this, I have to go in and edit by hand - but for basic photo-blogging, it couldn’t be simpler.

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